Standard Station Sports Bar & Grill


Trying to find a good place for post-work happy hour to hang and catch up with your girls is always tough, but I managed to comb through Yelp and find this sports bar not too far from the job.  Standard Station offers up a fairly large selection of bar eats, and their menu even includes breakfast.

Naturally when I saw their loaded fries item on the menu, I knew this would be my meal for the evening.  Standard Station puts ranch dressing on their loaded fries instead of giving it to you on the side, which sadly doesn’t work.  The ranch just blends into everything else and you don’t get the flavor of it with each bite.  Our waitress was new, so I had to wait a bit to get a side of ranch so I could properly enjoy these, which I totally did. The cheese to fry ratio was fantastic, with just enough bacon and green onions sprinkled throughout. I definitely would order this again, but would make sure to ask for the ranch on the side from the get-go.

I did get to try some of their other items like the queso and the hummus, and they were both pretty good.  The atmosphere was lively, as you’d expect a sports bar to be, but the tables near us did seem to get a bit too loud.  I’m not sure if it was the acoustics of the place, or the general customers, but it got a bit distracting.  I’m sure we were being loud as well though, so all’s fair in love and sports bars, I suppose.

Next time I stop by, I’ll have to make sure and try their garlic rosemary fries. Can’t wait!

Official site:
Location: El Segundo, CA



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