Beach Mex


Is that a bucket of fries? Why yes, yes it is.

Beach Mex will sell you a bucket of fries, which really should be mandatory anywhere food is sold.  The plot twist here is that Beach Mex is a Mexican restaurant, so not only can you get a bucket of fries, but you can also get Mexican Cheese Fries! Bless.

The cheese fries come covered in melted jack and cheddar cheese with some sour cream and guacamole on top. Apparently you can also get a choice of meat, but I tried it vegetarian style and thought it worked fine. It did lack “something,” but I’m not quite sure if I could pinpoint what I felt it should have had. It could have been that the sour cream doesn’t pack enough of a flavor twist to the overall appetizer the way that ranch dressing would if you had ordered chili cheese fries. Either way, Beach Mex’s fries are good on their own, so I’d just go with the bucket and call it a day.

If you prefer your fries inside your Mexican food instead, you should try one of their specialty burritos like The California or The Hot Mess.

Official site:
Location: El Segundo, CA


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