The basics.

After succumbing to massive amounts of peer pressure, I’ve finally decided to start a blog giving my well-informed opinions on fries. I love fries. Fries are everything. Therefore, a fry blog I must have.

My opinions are all tainted with the following biases:

1. I prefer soggy fries to crispy fries.

2. I prefer shoestring fries to steak fries.

3. I like salty fries — the saltier the better.

4. I’m not a fan of fry variations — like sweet potato fries or green bean fries (wtf?!)

5. Although I prefer my fries plain, I am always up for trying cheese fries, loaded fries, chili cheese fries, and any other creative concoction created around fries. Poutine is love. ❤

So those are the basics about the blog.  Here are some basics about me:

I’m a writer and editor who lives in Los Angeles, CA. I don’t cook, which gives me plenty of opportunities to try fries all around the city.  If I do decide to try a fry recipe at home, I will happily share it here complete with pictures of the inevitable disastrous results. I know no shame.

I hope you enjoy this blog!


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